Team Information

Available resources to connect with your teammates:

As your team will be spread out during the competition, you can utilize several team collaboration tools to communicate with them.  All the resources listed are free to use.

You can also utilize other means of communicate such as Facetime, text messaging, etc.

Tips for your team during competition:

Each level and challenge is available for solving.  Your team does not need to answer the challenges in order or one at a time.  Each team member can work on a different puzzle at the same time if they so desire.  Only one team member can input an answer to a particular challenge.  Once that puzzle is solved a check mark will appear next to it confirming the puzzle has been solved. You can work together to solved each puzzle or you can divide and conquer.  Hit your browser refresh occasionaly to confirm a puzzle has not be solved yet.  There is no wrong way to work. 

We don't limit the attempts on puzzles.  You can make as many attempts as needed to get the correct answer.  This is a learning experience.  We want to you solved every puzzle.  We also do not deduct points for any of our Level 0 puzzles that have hints attached.  However, points are deducted from the more difficult, higher level puzzles that contain hints.  Be very careful asking for a hint as the "cost" points will be deducted from the team score immediately. And remember; the answers are case sensitive. 

Tools and Resources

Unlike our location CTF's, this competition is completely virtual.  To help competitors out, we have included a built in helper tool called CyberChef. 

CyberChef is a simple, intuitive web app for carrying out all manner of “cyber” operations within a web browser. These operations include simple encoding like XOR or Base64, more complex encryption like AES, DES and Blowfish, creating binary and hexdumps, compression and decompression of data, calculating hashes and checksums, IPv6 and X.509 parsing, changing character encodings, and much more. You can find the tool button located at the bottom of your browser window.

Every challenge can be solved with one or more of the following tools: