Registering for the Virtual CTF

The online CTF is a team based challenge.  Up to 4 people can be registered to a team.  Please follow the directions for creating teams and registering your user id to a team. As all prizes are sent via email, make sure you enter a valid email address when registering.  Failure to provide a valid email will cause a forfeit of any prize offered to winning teams.

NOTE: No inappropriate user names or team names will be permitted! MAGIC reserves the right to disqualify you AND your team if it is determined that you and/or your team registered with any keyword, terms, or words with a negative connotation. This includes icons or emojis.


If you are registering to play as an individual you must still create a team of 1.  To register as an individual select Register from the top menu. Fill out the username, valid email address, afillation(school,club,company), your full name, and password for your user then click Register. Please remember your user id and password.  Next select Create Team from the pop up buttons.

For your team name insert your team name (can be the user id you just created, or a new team name).  Select a password. If at a later time you want to invite others to join your team you can forward the team name and password for them to join. That’s it. You are now registered to play. Your scoring for the competition will be listed under your team name.

Teams: (up to 4 individual per team)

Assign a team captain from your group.  That person will register the team name and assign a password for the other members to join. 

Team Captain: Register your id by clicking on Register from the menu.  Enter a user name, valid email address, Afillation(school, club, company) and password. Once completed, a pop up to create or join a team appears. As Captain, you will Create a team.  Select a team name, Team afillation, and a password associated with that team. Once that is done, you can forward the team name and password to your team members to use for registration.  Once they create their individual username, they will choose Join Team and enter the information forwarded by the team captain. You are ready to go. Please note that team name and password is case sensitive.